Century Huaxin Wind Energy Co., Ltd. gives a shot in the arm of Taiwan’s wind turbine industry with technologies of Denmark’s Welcon

InvesTaiwan today (16th) approved the additional investment of over NT$10 billion in total by 7 companies, including G-TECH Optoelectronics Corporation under the Action Plan for Welcoming Overseas Taiwanese Businesses to Return to Invest in Taiwan, and Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Sun Jen Textile Co., Ltd., Heng I Chemical Co.,Ltd., Jetbest Corporation, Jiatex Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Century Huaxin Wind Energy Co., Ltd. under the Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs. At present, the three major programs for investing in Taiwan have attracted over NT$1.2142 trillion in investments from 854 companies, and are expected to create 101,365 domestic employment opportunities, in which the Action Plan for Welcoming Overseas Taiwanese Businesses to Return to Invest in Taiwan has attracted approximately NT$797.4 billion in investments from 211 Taiwanese businesses and created 66,179 domestic employment opportunities; the Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs has attracted approximately NT$234.1 billion in investments from 543 SMEs and created 21,588 domestic employment opportunities; applications of 74 companies are still pending review.

G-TECH Optoelectronics Corporation is a professional glass processing and manufacturing company that provides glass cutting, polishing, slimming, reinforcement, coating, laminating, and 3D glass services. Its products are used in electronic products, green buildings, and vehicle interiors. Demand on in-vehicle monitors has increased due to the rapid development of 5G and self-driving technologies, and 3D glass technology has become popular among foreign car makers. The company plans to recruit 520 domestic employees and will invest NT$3 billion to construct 3 factories in Miaoli Zhongxing Industrial Zone and Tainan Science Park. The factories will have production lines for glass used in car interiors. Global supply chains are being restructured after the US-China trade war began, and Taiwan will become an important production base for smart vehicles in the future.

Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is a plastic mold, plastic injection molding, and precision CNC parts manufacturing and design company that provides services to the medical, optics, electronics, automobile, information, and optical fiber industries. Its main products include 3C lens parts, secondary optical design of LED, and rapid tooling for contact lenses. The company has sales locations in the US, Japan, China, and Malaysia. The company plans to invest NT$400 million to construct a modernized factory in Central Taiwan Science Park Erlin Industrial Park to develop new light source optoelectronic components and begin its transformation. The factory will have a smart production line and monitoring and testing system, which will bring technological breakthroughs, innovation capabilities, and higher revenue. The investment will create 22 domestic employment opportunities.

Sun Jen Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional yarn processing company that works together with raw material suppliers in Europe, America, and Japan. The company focuses on the development of nylon draw textured yarn with high added value, and provides customized services. Its products include swimsuits, yoga clothing, corset, and sportswear. Market demand on high quality products has increased in recent years, and the company plans to recruit 21 domestic employees and expand its investment by over NT$100 million, which will be used to construct a new production line with IoT, big data, and smart machinery in its current factory in Changhua Shengang. The investment will effectively improve its productivity, product quality, and R&D capabilities, creating a high value textile industrial chain in Taiwan.

Heng I Chemical Co.,Ltd. specializes in the production of compound fertilizer, industrial grade sulfuric acid, and electronics grade sulfuric acid, in which industrial grade sulfuric acid is mainly used by the chemical industry, while electronics grade sulfuric acid is supplied to the high-tech industry in Taiwan, and used for cleaning, etching, and corroding silicon wafers, as well as corroding and cleaning electroplating on printed circuit boards. The first investment plan of Heng I Chemical Co.,Ltd. under the Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs was approved in May 2020. The company is investing another over NT$1.6 billion in a second plan in coordination with demand from TSMC’s expansion plan. The company will build sulfuric acid factory No. 9 and an electronic grade sulfuric acid factory in Miaoli Toufen. The factories will have a DCS surveillance system to ensure labor safety and prevent environmental issues from occurring, assisting Taiwan’s world class semiconductors industry, while creating 35 domestic employment opportunities.

Jetbest Corporation focuses on the development and manufacturing of ink-jet printing ink products, and also emphasizes eco-friendly, low pollution ink-jet printing ink and related products. In recent years, the company has been developing spray painting machines and products are exported to Asia, Europe, and America. The company developed “smart biomedical material digital reagent” and “biopsy embedding cassette laser printing” products to maintain its leadership in the global eco-friendly ink market and expand into biomedical testing technologies. The company plans to invest nearly NT$400 million to expand an automated production line with ERP and MES systems in its current factory in Hsinchu City, and will also build a smart biomedical materials digital R&D center, in hopes of becoming a demonstration factory across industries and leading Taiwan’s medical industry into the digital era. The investment will create 9 domestic employment opportunities.

Jiatex Enterprise Co., Ltd. focuses on the assembly and manufacturing of bicycle and electric bicycle parts, and is a rising star in the bicycle industry, selling products to Europe and America, in which Benz and Bonvelo are its end customers. Due to the rise of environmental protection awareness, the company is optimistic about the market’s future, and plans to invest over NT$500 million to build a second modernized factory in Nantou County Caotun in coordination with the government policy to develop green energy technology. The new factory will have smart production equipment and a digital, visualized production management system, establishing a traceability system to trace each electric bicycle, thereby improving its product quality and laying the foundation for the company’s sustainable development. The investment will create 124 domestic employment opportunities.

Century Iron & Steel Industrial Co., Ltd., together with Tai-Shing Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. and High-tek Group, set up the joint venture Century Huaxin Wind Energy Co., Ltd. in 2020, so as to support the government policy to develop green energy and invest in Taiwan, and establish a domestic supply chain for offshore wind farms. The company expanded to become a wind tower manufacturer using its 30 years of experience in steel structure manufacturing. The company signed a technical cooperation agreement with Denmark’s Welcon, which is a major wind tower manufacturer, to adopt EU industrial standards. The company is actively introducing European manufacturing technologies to make Century Huaxin Wind Energy Co., Ltd. a qualified supplier of offshore wind towers, expanding into the offshore wind power industry and bring Taiwan’s manufacturing up to international standards. The company built a production base for wind towers and small diameter steel pipes in the offshore wind power manufacturing area in Taichung Port, investing nearly NT$4 billion in total. The company will implement a production management system and smart welding machine to significantly improve the factory’s productivity and eliminate the disadvantages of conventional manufacturers. The company is actively introducing foreign technologies to strengthen Taiwan’s domestic wind turbine supply chain, fully supporting the government’s green energy policy.

Source: Department of Investment Services, MOEA