Four investors were approved to station in the Technology Industrial Park. The total investment applications figures amounted to NT$ 7.7 billion.

The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) recently reported that the park’s Investment Review Commission approves four investment applications, such as Phoenix Silicon International Corporation and Taiwan Hipoint Corporation, to invest and station in. The total investment figures amounted to NTD 7.7 billion. Especially Phoenix Silicon International Corporation, which will invest NTD 7.2 billion to station into Taichung Port Technology Industrial Park (TPTIP), is expected to establish the first automated and smart reclaimed IC wafer plant in the world.

Phoenix Silicon International Corporation is mainly engaged in testing reclaimed IC wafer services. The company is the largest and most technologically advanced reclaimed IC wafer services supplier in Taiwan. The company uses technologies, such as chemical etching stencil removal, chemical-mechanical polishing and high cleanliness cleaning, to restore the used testing IC wafers to the best cleanliness, so that it can be used in the integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing process again. By doing so, the company could greatly reduce the operation cost of the semiconductor manufacturer purchasing new test wafers. The total investment plan, to build the factory in the TPTIP, amounts to NTD 7.2 billion. The new factory will be the first automated and smart reclaimed wafer plant in the world, which also uses green and smart power consumption, establishing water resources reuse, wastewater and waste effluent recycling systems, and integrate ESG concept into the enterprise operating of the company, to put into action with all colleagues together, and achieve the vision of sustainable operation of the enterprise.

Taiwan Hipoint Corporation is mainly engaged in smart farming and the manufacturing and sales of air purifiers. The company sells its own brand “Hipoint” products- plant phenotyping system, smart farming monitoring system and plant growth chamber and other products abroad. The Taiwan Hipoint Corporation is also actively launching new products with image AI recognition, hoping to grasp new business opportunities in the transformation of agricultural technologies by using scientific research equipment with intelligent monitoring equipment to promote it. Moreover, the air purification equipment and system products have been sold for many years and have been used in factories and hospitals. After station into Kaohsiung Cianjhen Technology Industrial Park (CTIP), the company will be integrated with the existing branches in the park to implement the integration of factory and office to improve the product efficiency and enhance the sales volume.
(Investment Information Hotline: 886-7-361-2725).

Resource: Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C