Qi Mau Industrial Co., Ltd. to Invest NT$400 million in a Special Safety Goggles Plant to Increase Production and Support the Fight Against the Pandemic Overseas

InvesTaiwan in the joint review meeting today (16th) approved the additional investment of NT$3.8 billion by 9 SMEs, namely Harlin Enterprises Co., Ltd., Shin Agri Tech Co., Ltd., Yeou Bin Food Industry Co., Ltd., Qi Mau Industrial Co., Ltd., Rui Mu Food Industrial Co., Ltd., Ying Song Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Unibex Technology & Business Co., Ltd., J-Star Motor Industrial Co., Ltd., and Ofuna Technology Co., Ltd., under the Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs. A total of 60 joint review meetings have been convened for the “Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs,” and investments by 400 SMEs amounting to approximately NT$169.9 billion were approved, which will create 16,288 domestic employment opportunities. At present, the three major programs for investing in Taiwan have driven 691 companies to invest approximately NT$1.1273 trillion, which is expected to create 94,195 domestic employment opportunities, and the applications of 42 companies are still pending review.

Harlin Enterprises Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of plastic injection products, such as plastic pallets, baskets, and furniture. It is recognized in Taiwan for its leading manufacturing technologies for plastic pallets, and its affordable recyclable plastic pallets are widely recognized for solving the durability and mold issues of conventional wooden pallets, while remaining eco-friendly. The company provides customers with comprehensive services from design, development, manufacturing, to sales, and major food product, chemical engineer, and electronics companies in Taiwan are all important customers. It also exports products to South and Central America and Northeast Asia. It introduced smart equipment, expanded its production lines, and enhanced talent training in its new plant in Machouhou, Chiayi to increase production capacity and improve processes, in order to meet market demand and realize a circular economy mode.

Shin Agri Tech Co., Ltd. mainly produces feed for livestock such as chicken, duck, geese, and pigs, and also breeds livestock for local customers, such as Tai Qin Organism Technology Co., Ltd., Cha I Shan Foods Co., Ltd., and individual livestock farmers. The company uses local raw materials to achieve a mutually beneficial business model that provides farmers with stable income. To drive the traditional industry towards an international high-tech company, the company plans to recruit 43 domestic employees and invest over NT$600 million to build a third feed plant in Fangwan Township, Changhua. The plant will use smart manufacturing equipment and systems to resolve issues with purchase order management, scheduling, and incorrect delivery, which will bring feed and back-end services for breeding close together and gain the market’s confidence in its products.

Yeou Bin Food Industry Co., Ltd. was established over 20 years ago and continues to use premium ingredients to develop new products that will satisfy the public. Its main products include pineapple cake, cookies, and candy, which are sold to domestic consumers through retail chains, and are also exported to the US, Canada, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, the Netherlands, and Australia. To make the food industry smarter, the company plans to invest over NT$500 million to build a new plant in Annan District, Tainan City, and will install automated production equipment and implement ERP, cloud, and MES systems, expanding customer groups in different places while improving food safety and quality. The company is also implementing internationalization to bring Taiwan’s special food products onto the international stage. This investment will create at least 20 domestic employment opportunities.

Qi Mau Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in injection, coating hardening, and has developed technologies for special functional lenses, gradually expanding the optical lens market. It is an OEM for sports and industrial glasses, and markets ski googles in high latitude countries in Europe and America; produces polarized lenses for the ROC Army; increased production of safety goggles during the outbreak of COVID-19. To enhance its international competitiveness, the company plans to invest nearly NT$400 million to build a new plant in Yongkang, Tainan with smart machinery and IoT equipment, reducing the error rate in the production process. The company is also developing new products, such as super thin aspherical reading lens and optical blanks. The company aims to smoothly commence production and develop process technology looking to the future market. The investment will create 6 domestic employment opportunities.

Rui Mu Food Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly involved in laying hen breeding, egg selection, and sales. It is a joint venture of Charoen Pokphand Enterprise (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. and Muda Egg Products Co., Ltd., and mainly distributes its products through department stores and supermarkets. It is also promoting its products among large restaurants. The company plans to invest over NT$300 million to build a new plant in Houbi District, Tainan to respond to changes in market demand and effectively enhance its industrial competitiveness. The new plant will contain an egg testing laboratory, high specification selection center, world class selection equipment, and complete egg traceability system. The company aims to thereby meet international standards and establish a complete supply chain. This investment will create 17 domestic employment opportunities.

Ying Song Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures conventional wooden pallets for affiliates of the Formosa Plastics Group and numerous well known SMEs in Taiwan. The company has a wood recycling plant that transforms waste wood or scraps into biofuel through crushing procedures. As such, biofuel and waste clearance accounts for a significant percentage of its revenue. The company plans to invest nearly NT$500 million to build a new plant in Xingang, Chiayi to drive the traditional industry’s transformation and upgrade through technology. The new plant will use automated machinery from Germany to achieve higher pallet production capacity, and will also have a Germany wood gas generator to resolve the dilemma of reusing waste wood and agricultural and forestry resources in Taiwan. It will also develop organic waste power generation and steam as part of its efforts to promote green energy and circular economy. This investment is expected to create at least 12 domestic employment opportunities.

Unibex Technology & Business Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of commercial anti-counterfeiting stickers, boarding pass, thermal paper, negotiable securities, and paper rolls. Its customers include insurance companies, banks, airlines, telecommunications carriers, and general companies, such as Taiwan High Speed Rail, China Airlines, and Eva Air are all its long-term customers. It also exports to tax agencies of Myanmar’s government. The company plans to expand its investment by nearly NT$50 million to add smart machines and install an ERP system in its Xizhi Plant in New Taipei City to enhance its industrial competitiveness, linking together upstream and downstream enterprises, and better meeting customer needs through vertical integration that will benefit the entire industrial chain. This investment will create 8 domestic employment opportunities.

J-Star Motor Industrial Co., Ltd. manufactures, designs, and sells linear actuators, motors, generators, and industrial machinery. It mainly supplies parts for sports equipment and medical device manufacturers in Europe, America, China, India, and South Korea under its own brand “J’STΛR.” Major customers include Johnson, Technogym, Icon, Cybex, and Dyaco. The company plans to invest over NT$200 million to build a new plant in Beidou, Changhua for its steady long-term development. It will add 4 fully automated smart production lines and 2 automated warehouses to meet future market demand, and will also develop even more competitive products with greater potential, securing a place for a Taiwanese brand on the global stage. This investment will create 20 domestic employment opportunities.

Ofuna Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of laser applications and high precision drillers, and has numerous patented technologies. It is the only domestic producer of machines for IC substrates, and has marketing locations in China, Japan, and South Korea. To manufacture products that meet the needs of 5G, self-driving cars, and AI, the company plans to invest over NT$600 million to build a new plant in Dajia, Taichung with advanced mechanical equipment and smart production processes, including laser processing clean room and environment monitoring system. The company will use big data analysis to effectively improve production capacity management and product quality, consolidate its technology foundation, and increase the international visibility of MIT (made in Taiwan) products. This investment will create 25 domestic employment opportunities.