Shang Lee Food Company Invests NT$800 Million to Construct Head Office in Tucheng to Promote Domestic Pork Products

InvesTaiwan today (4th) approved the additional investments of over NT$3 billion by 8 companies, including Yung Shin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd. under the Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by Domestic Corporations, and Sen Yen Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd., Nonwoventex Industrial Co., Ltd., Shang Lee Food Co., Ltd., You Mu Co., Ltd., Ding Feng Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Cci Chun International Co., Ltd., and Jiako Precision Co., Ltd. under the Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs. At present, the three major programs for investing in Taiwan have attracted over NT$1.1922 trillion in investments from 814 companies, and are expected to create 99,457 domestic employment opportunities, in which the Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by Domestic Corporations has attracted approximately NT$182 billion in investments from 99 domestic corporations and created 13,547 domestic employment opportunities; the Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs has attracted approximately NT$217.7 billion in investments from 506 SMEs and created 20,358 domestic employment opportunities; applications of 28 companies are still pending review.

Yung Shin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures and sells pharmaceuticals for humans and animals, and is also in the business of health foods and cosmetics. In response to the trend of population ageing, the market for chronic disease and cancer drugs growing over the years, and the company investing in the development of new pharmaceuticals, the company plans to invest nearly NT$200 million to expand its factory in Dajia District, Taichung. The company will also bring in smart equipment and Internet of Machines for real-time monitoring and alarm mechanisms, in order to ensure pharmaceutical production quality and establish a pharmaceutical factory in compliance with international standards. This will help accelerate the continued innovation of bio-pharmaceutical products and technologies in Taiwan, contributing to giving Taiwan a bigger role in bio-pharmaceuticals in the Asia Pacific.

Sen Yen Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leader in the domestic plastics processing industry, and has engage in technology exchanges with German companies for years. Fields of application include LCD, semiconductors, PCB, and electroplating factories. The company is a supplier for major domestic companies such as TSMC, and also exports to the United States, Japan, China, and Singapore. After becoming a member of TSMC’s equipment manufacturing industrial chain, the company’s current production capacity is no longer able to meet the growing demand. Furthermore, the company is optimistic about the technology of Germany’s Roechling Group that will be able to break down and remanufacture PP. Hence, the company plans to invest over NT$300 million to build a factory in Gueishan, Taoyuan with smart machinery and management system, which will bring the company to a new milestone in manufacturing and create greater corporate value in a circular economy.

Nonwoventex Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and trade of nonwoven fabric, and was recognized with the “National Mask Production Team Contribution Award” and “Epidemic Prevention Pioneer Award” in 2020. The company exports to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and masks and non-woven fabric remain in short supply in countries around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic still not under control. The company plans to invest over NT$700 million to build a mask non-woven fabric production factory in Letzer Industrial Park, Suao, Yilan. The factory will have smart machinery and equipment, and will supply epidemic prevention materials for Taiwan and overseas, contributing to epidemic prevention while upholding the spirit Taiwan Can Help with MIT masks. This investment is expected to create 36 employment opportunities in Yilan.

Shang Lee Food Co., Ltd. is mainly in the business of frozen/fresh pork, processed pork, and cooked and prepared pork products. The company sells its products in department stores in Taiwan under its brand “Shang Lee Pork,” and even has a counter in B2 of Sogo Zhongxiao Branch, the most popular department store in Taiwan. Its products are sold in all major markets in Taiwan, such as PX Mart, Carrefour, Din Tai Fung, Lao Xie Zhen, China Pacific Catering Services, and major hospitals and schools. The company plans to invest NT$800 million to build a new factory in Tucheng Industrial Park, New Taipei City, in order to maintain its market leadership. The new factory will have an automated production line with modernized warehousing equipment. The company fully supports the traceability system and provides customers with production information via QR Code, giving customers peace of mind when purchasing its products. The investment will create 40 local employment opportunities.

You Mu Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures and sells chicken and duck feed. The company plans to expand into the washed egg and egg processing business, and will thus invest over NT$400 million to build an egg processing plant in Dadu, Taichung. The plant will have automatic egg grading, cracking, and sterilization equipment, and will also have complete egg cold chain transportation equipment. Furthermore, the company supports the government’s washed egg and traceable agricultural product policy, so every egg is sprayed with a serial number to ensure that it can be traced back to the farm that produced it, providing consumers with excellent egg products and food safety.

Ding Feng Precision Industry Co., Ltd. has 25 years of experience in the development, design, and production of customized screws and material pipes. Its products include plastic injection molding machines, plastic injection machines, extrusion molding machines, blown film, and screws, material pipes, and accessories for blown film machines. Besides serving B2B and B2C customers, the company also sells products under its own brand “Top Screw.” In recent years, the market for pelletizing and recycling machines and medical consumables has grown significantly, in which material pipes and screws are key parts. In order to meet market demand, the company plans to invest over NT$100 million to build a factory in Tainan Technology Industrial Park, and also upgrade smart equipment in its new factory and old factory in Anho, in hopes of realizing its vision of the best manufacturing quality in Taiwan. The investment will create 17 domestic employment opportunities.

Cci Chun International Co., Ltd. specialized in the manufacturing of precision machinery sheet metal, and mainly serves major semiconductor and electronics companies. It is a member of the equipment supply chain. Taiwan’s semiconductor and electronics industries have flourished due to the transfer of purchase orders driven by the pandemic. TSMC building a new factory in Southern Taiwan Science Park has brought major companies in its industrial chain into the park as well. The company thus plans to recruit 40 domestic employees and will invest over NT$200 million to build a factory and office in Shanshang District, Tainan. The new factory will have smart production, robots, and IoT equipment. The company will also develop an online management and surveillance system for its Taichung Plant and Tainan Plant, in order to rapidly serve customers in northern, central, and southern Taiwan, as it continues to contribute to Taiwan’s global leading semiconductor industry.

Jiako Precision Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and integration of CNC auto lathe related metal parts. The company is capable of independently developing and designing new products, and provides customers with customized services through vertical integration. Its products are applied in bicycles, medical devices, and darts. The company has benefitted from the rapid development of the bicycle and healthcare industries in recent years, and its current factories do not have sufficient production capacity. The company thus plans to increase its investment by over NT$100 million to build a new factory in Homei, Changhua. The new factory will have smart processing machines and an IT-based innovative management model, using big data to achieve effective monitoring, as the company continues to drive industrial development and achieve excellent sales performance. The investment will create 8 domestic employment opportunities.

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Source: Department of Investment Services, MOEA