This website is built according to the principles of accessibility web design. The main content of the website is divided into three sections:

1. The upper function block, 2. Central content block, 3. Below the function block.

The quick keys of this website (Quick Keys) are set as follows:

Alt + U: Top right block, including back to the home page, site navigation, site search, font selection and so on.

Alt + C: Central content block, this page main content area.

Alt + S: website search.

ALT + F: lower function block.

※ When the website tab of this website can not be clicked by the mouse, you can use the following keyboard operation to browse the information

← → or ↑ ↓: Press left and right button or up and down button to move the label order.

Home or End →: You can skip to the first or last item of the label.

Tab: After leaving the tab, you can use the Tab key to jump to the content to browse the data. When you encounter the wireless button, please use the ← → or ↑ ↓ keys to move the item sequence.

Tab + Shift: Press Tab + Shift to jump back to the previous data. When jumping to the tab item, you can continue to use the ← → or ↑ ↓ keys to move the tab order.