State Banquet Desert “Shan Mai” Taro Cake Invests NT$400 Million in Smart Technology to Build a New Agriculture Tourism Park

During the joint review meeting for the “Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs” today (21st), InvesTaiwan approved the investments of 11 SMEs in the amount of NT$5.3 billion, including Unikorn Semiconductor Corporation, Soontai Tech Co., Ltd., Global Lighting Technologies Inc., Shan Mai Food Co., Ltd., Chaei Hsin Enterprise Co., Ltd., Elite Secret Biotechnology Corp., Rong Sheng Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., Malico Inc., Hwa Guo Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd., AIN TEC Industrial Co., Ltd., and Easygoo Hardware Mart. A total of 53 joint review meetings have been convened for the “Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs,” and investments by 337 SMEs amounting to approximately NT$141.1 billion were approved, which will create 13,819 domestic employment opportunities. At present, the three major programs for investing in Taiwan have driven 615 companies to invest approximately NT$1.0830 trillion, which is expected to create 90,630 domestic employment opportunities, and the applications of 58 companies are still pending review.

Unikorn Semiconductor Corporation is an OEM for III-V semiconductor devices, and is a joint venture of Epistar Corporation and GCS Holdings, Inc. Its services include epitaxy and crystallite front-end and back-end processing, which can be widely applied in sensor, optical communication, display technology, GaN power component, and 5G communications, and it is jointly developing micro-LED technology with major companies overseas. The company has become a partner of well-known multi-national corporations in the US for its microelectronic components. In recent years, facial recognition technology and 5G have driven a significant increase in demand on III-V semiconductors, and the company will recruit 142 domestic high-tech talent. It will invest over NT$1 billion in Hsinchu Science Park in automated production equipment and testing equipment, striving to improve its technologies to provide international customers with more complete services.

Soontai Tech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of communication equipment, and supplies DOCSIS broadband network parts and components to major network communication companies in Taiwan and overseas. It is collaborating with National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology in developing precision microwave and mm communication components, which can be applied in 5G related products and base station equipment. In recent years, the company has also entered the field of medical devices, and manufactures blood sugar machines and UVC machines. It is also jointly developing testing equipment with customers. In response to the global trends of big data, IoT, and 5G, which have significantly increased demand in the communications market, the company is expanding applications of communication technologies combined with medical products. It plans to invest over NT$100 million to build a modernized factory in Yongkang, Tainan, and establish a smart production system that will drive the development of the 5G industry, which is expected to create 12 domestic employment opportunities.

Global Lighting Technologies Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional light guide plate applications, and provides a variety of LCD monitor lighting devices. It is main supplier of light guide plates in the global market, and its products are certified by TV brands in China, Japan, South Korea, and Europe and sold around the world. In response to the rising market demand each year, the company plans to expand a new smart production line in its plant in Tongluo Science Park, and will continue to release high quality, light weight light guide plates to secure its position in the global industry.

Shan Mai Food Co., Ltd. started out at the intersection next to Dajia Mazu Temple. It mainly made traditional Chinese wedding pastries, cakes, snacks for babies, and bread during early periods. It made the first taro cake in Taiwan in response to the sluggish sales of Dajia taro, and the taro cake was designated as a dessert during the State Banquet in 2004; taro cake was also selected as one of Taiwan’s 15 most representative gifts. To continue providing high quality food products to people around the world, the company will recruit 48 domestic employees, and will invest NT$400 million to establish a new factory in Nantou Wanglai Industrial Park. The new factory will have a smart production line to reduce direct contact between personnel, which will significantly improve food safety. Besides the company planned a New Agriculture Tourism Park to promote local ingredients and also provide education through entertainment.

Chaei Hsin Enterprise Co., Ltd. manufactures TPU film, a non-toxic eco-friendly material that is wear-resistant, has high tensile strength, resistant to high temperature, and does not crack under low temperature. TPU film can be used in shoes, sports goods, apparel, and mountain climbing products. The company’s major customers include Nike, Adidas, Skechers, and Puma, and it also created the MIT shoe brand “Xjoniro,” which it markets worldwide. Its four business strategies for future development are “manufacturing transformation, production optimization, e-commerce layout, and self-owned brand.” The company plans to recruit 162 domestic employees and invest over NT$160 million to establish a smart shoe production line in its factory in Xitun District, Taichung. It also developed shoe materials that consisted of 80% and even 100% recycled materials, contributing to environmental sustainability while achieving excellent sales performance.

Elite Secret Biotechnology Corp. was founded in 1972 and is the first cosmetics beauty salon chain, combining cosmetics research with the development and manufacturing of cosmetics products with natural ingredients. The company has made outstanding achievements in pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, cosmetics, and health products. It developed a proprietary technology for electrospray ionization, which won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002, and has obtained patents in Taiwan, Germany, Japan, China, and the US. The technology improves the precision of cosmetics and pharmaceutical delivery, allowing ingredients to be more effectively absorbed. The company plans to expand its investment by nearly NT$300 million to build a new factory and R&D center in Yilan Science Park, and will utilize smart technology to establish a production line for cosmetics products that use the electrospray ionization technology. The company will continue to engage in cross-industry collaboration and innovation for Taiwan’s biotechnology to gain a leading position, and the investment will create 63 domestic employment opportunities.

Rong Sheng Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. started out with building steel bridges, and participated in the construction of Shuangyuan Bridge on Provincial Highway 17 after typhoon Morakot, MRT Xinzhuang Line, Circular Line, and Taiwan Power Company Linkou Training Center. In coordination with the government policy to develop green energy in recent years, the company also expanded its business to the offshore wind power industry, and plans to recruit 38 domestic employees. It plans to invest nearly NT$800 million to establish a fully automatic production line in its Liuying plant in Tainan City, and build the most efficient bending roll in Taiwan, consolidating its technical foundation. In the future, the company will work with Sing Da Marine Structure, Formosa Heavy Industries, Century Iron & Steel Industrial Co., Ltd., and CSBC Corporation Taiwan in constructing underwater foundations for offshore wind turbines in Taiwan. This will aid the domestic production of offshore wind power facilities, and contribute to the development of a domestic supply chain.

Malico Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of thermal modules with high added value, and is a long-term supplier of radiators for MRI machines in the US, semiconductor thermal modules, and IGBT heat spreaders for German electric vehicles. The company recently collaborated with the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology in designing 3C and 5C fast charging modules for electric buses. New energy, 5G, electric vehicles, and semiconductor equipment are key industries in the future, so a forward-looking strategy is necessary to achieve corporate sustainability. Hence, the company will recruit 120 domestic high-tech talent, and will invest over NT$900 million to establish a new factory in Yangmei, Taoyuan, implementing the i-Direct smart production system to create a smart manufacturing platform. This will allow the company to rapidly respond to customers’ diverse requirements, and lay the foundation for future sales in global market.

Hwa Guo Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional sheet metal processing company, and its main products include sheet metal for precision machinery, semiconductors, electronic equipment, automated equipment, and railcars. Its products are sold in Japan, the Netherlands, the US, France, and Australia, and all major companies are its long-term customers. Major semiconductor equipment companies in the US and Japan’s high speed vehicles have growing demand on sheet metal with growingly strict precision requirements. Hence, the company plans to recruit 135 domestic employees and invest over NT$300 million to expand its factory in Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park, introducing smart production processes to meet the requirements of international markets with technologies rooted in Taiwan.

AIN TEC Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturers of shock absorber parts and components for bicycles, cars, scooters, and yachts. It provides integrated services from manufacturing to processing, and exports auto parts to European and American markets. The electric bicycle, car, and scooter market continues to trend upwards with higher requirements on light weight and precision. The company plans to expand investments by nearly NT$900 million to construct a new factory near THSR Changhua Station, and will establish a smart production line, which will use robotic arms for quality testing, optimizing the production process. The company rapidly responds to the market and meets customers’ needs through technology development, strengthening its international competitiveness and securing its market position. This investment will create 60 domestic employment opportunities.

Easygoo Hardware Mart is a hardware and general merchandise retailer and wholesaler that owns 7 stores in Tainan City. It was once selected as one of Tainan’s top 100 stores. The retail industry in Taiwan has low profit margins, a shortage of human resources, high labor costs, and a large number of substitutes. Hence, it is inevitable for the company to expand towards warehousing and logistics. The company thus plans to invest nearly NT$90 million to construct a smart warehouse in Sin Ji Industrial Park, Tainan City, using a cloud system to incorporate AI technology into its operating procedures, which will improve its supply chain management performance and enhance the industry’s competitiveness, bringing the retail industry towards higher value operations. This investment will create 12 domestic employment opportunities.