Taichung student’s photo honored at international event

  • By Wu Po-hsuan and Jonathan Chin / Staff reporter, with staff writer
  • A 2020 photograph by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology student Kung Chao-chun shows National Taichung Theater, center, in day and night.

  • Photo courtesy of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Student Kung Chao-chun’s (龔照峻) drone photography has won second prize in the Architecture/Cityscapes category at the International Photography Awards, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) said on Tuesday.

Kung’s entry, entitled Day and Night, is an image of the National Taichung Theater created by combining photographs taken at night and during the day, the university wrote in a news release.

Kung developed an interest in drone photography after taking the Laboratory for Applied Augmented Reality in Architecture course, which is still being offered at the university, it said.

Drones have irrevocably changed architecture and construction, and the university has dedicated a lot of resources to the subject, Kung was quoted by NTUST as saying.

The class sparked an interest in drone photography and Kung spent the following three years taking photos of urban landscapes across Taiwan, he said.

He chose Taichung for his subject in the competition because that is his home, he said.

Kung analyzed the architecture of the site using a 3D model, then applied techniques of light, shadow and angle that he learned in the course to plan the shoot.

The final product is a high shot that encapsulates the urban landscape around the theater, juxtaposing a daytime image with a scene lit by electric lights at night, he said.

NTUST associate professor of architecture Tsai Hsin-chun (蔡欣君) said the course’s first part offers instruction on drone piloting, photography and the use of point cloud software — which is used to make 3D models — while the second part teaches augmented reality as it applies to architecture.