The old signboard “Export Processing Zone” was remounted on February, 24th 2021, and the new signboard “Technology Industrial Park” has been set up on March 28th.

The Export Processing Zone (EPZ) has been officially renamed “Technology Industrial Park” (TPK). The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) held the sign dismount ceremony at Nanzih Export Processing Zone on 24th. The EPZA Director General Dr. Yang Po-Keng and guests of guilds, trade unions in zones took down the signs of “Nanzih Export Processing Zone” one by one with the construction manufacturers, which symbolizes that the park will go into the next new phase.
In retrospect, the EPZs have led Taiwan through the glorious years of the economic take-off with the world’s first industrial and trade facilitation system. With the flourishing development of domestic industry, the total ten parks, Kaohsiung, Znazih, Taichung, Linkuang, Chungkang, Pingtung, Taisugar Logistics Park Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung Software Park, Nanzih 2nd EPZ, Taichung Software Park have been established one after another. According to industrial features, each park forms a cluster of high-tech industries such as electronics, panel, and software design. After nearly 55 years of times change, the industrial development of parks has been advanced with times. However, in response to the trend of industrial development, the “Export Processing Zone” has been renamed the “Technology Industrial Park”, to turn over a new leaf of the development of parks.
The EPZA and the manufacturer performed the sign dismount ceremony at 9:30 a.m on February 24th 2021. The manufacturer removed the screws at the first, and then put the signs on the red decoration plate one by one to the director. Guests and some employees of zones were watching aside. The ceremony is simple and grand. According to EPZA, old signs will put on display in the zone history museum after cleaning, and the manufacturers will make new signs as well. The brand-new signboard of the Technology Industrial Park will be officially unveiled on March 28th.
At the scene, there are some employees retired from EPZ also attended the ceremony, grasping the last moment before the sign remounted, and took pictures speedily. Retired employees said that the existence of the EPZ, boosts the economy so that they could have a sound working environment to settle down. Now the old name is going to retire honorably. Although it is difficult to bear it, employees are looking forward to a better future.

Spokesman: Mr. Liu Chi Chuan (Deputy Director General, EPZA)
Contact Number: 886-7-3613349, 0911363680

Contact Person: Han, Wen-Kuan (Secretariat(Public Relations))
Contact Number: 886-7-361-1212 ext551

Source:Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs