The Stone Industry Leader Vickers Industrial Co., Ltd. Invests NT$3.5 Billion to Build a World Class Smart Production Line for Artificial Quartz

InvesTaiwan convened a joint review meeting for the Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs today (18th), and approved the investments of NT$5.3 billion in total by 6 SMEs, including Vickers Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan Chlorine Industries Ltd., Hong Yi International Trade Co., Ltd., Yung Wen Enterprise Co., Ltd., Chiaming Steel Industry Co., Ltd., and Wei Liang Machinery Co., Ltd. A total of 69 joint review meetings have been convened for the “Action Plan for Accelerated Investment by SMEs,” and investments by 457 SMEs amounting to approximately NT$196.1 billion were approved, which will create 19,334 domestic employment opportunities. At present, the three major programs for investing in Taiwan have driven 757 companies to invest approximately NT$1.161 trillion, which is expected to create 97,718 domestic employment opportunities, and the applications of 43 companies are still pending review.

Vickers Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s largest quartz producer, and also the first company in Taiwan’s stone industry to successfully upgrade to smart manufacturing. The company has obtained numerous certifications in Europe and America, and has a place in the US and Canada market. The company plans to recruit 75 domestic employees to further increase its global market share, and will invest NT$3.5 billion to build a plant in Hualien with 6 quartz production lines, which will use an automated energy-efficient manufacturing process. This transforms the traditional stone industry into a circular economy industry, as the industrial waste it generates has a stable composition that allows it to be reused, achieving eco-friendly development of Eastern Taiwan.

Taiwan Chlorine Industries Ltd. is a joint venture of the American companies Westlake and PPG, and uses the latest membrane technology to produce liquid chlorine, liquid caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, bleach, and hydrogen, providing the domestic chemical industry with chlorine derivatives with high added-value. In response to the global trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction, the company plans to invest over NT$800 million to build a new electrolytic bath plant, which will have an energy-efficient bi-polar electrolytic bath and fine filter in the salty water treatment unit. This increases the current efficiency in the electrolytic bath and is expected to reduce electricity consumption by 9% to 10%, which will reduce carbon emission equal to 38 times the amount absorbed by Daan Forest Park. The company will thus set an example for green energy technology.

Hong Yi International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 this year, and aims to manufacture medical masks, melt-blown fabrics, and non-woven fabrics that are completely MIT for epidemic prevention. The company is currently negotiating purchase orders with supply chains in Japan and Singapore, and plans to join the national mask production team in the future. The company will invest over NT$400 million to build a new plant in Guantien, Tainan City, installing smart automated production lines and ERP and MES systems in hopes of entering markets in Europe and America. The company hopes to thereby let the national mask production team enter a new blue ocean, and will also create 415 employment opportunities.

Yung Wen Enterprise Co., Ltd. mainly produces plastic packaging materials and tapes. The company started from an online shopping platform and extended its business into the biodegradable bag market. All major online shopping platforms in Taiwan are its customers. The company has been actively developing biodegradable bags based on the concept of circular economy in recent years, and is actively supporting the government policy to promote an online shopping environmental protection alliance, which the company is working together with major companies in Taiwan and overseas to promote. The company is already operating at full capacity and thus plans to invest over NT$100 million to build a new plant in Gueishan, Taoyuan. The company will introduce the latest smart equipment, improve key processes to serve customers with an integrated business model, and lay a solid foundation for developing exports. This investment will create 6 domestic employment opportunities and drive industrial development.

Chiaming Steel Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional steel processing company. Is services include steel plate sales and steel plate/steel structure/steel pipe cutting, bending, rounding, and assembly. Its products can be used for offshore wind farms, infrastructure, yacht and ship building, machinery, constructions, advertisement boards, and interior decorations. To provide services to customers in Da-Fa, Wan-Da, and Ho-Fa industrial parks to create an industrial cluster, the company plans to invest over NT$300 million to build Ho-Fa Plant No. 1 and No. 2 in Daliao District, Kaohsiung. The new plants will have smart manufacturing machinery and production lines for new products, and will also be installed with WMS, MRP, MES, and IoT systems, as it expects to take on larger purchase orders with higher technical requirements. This investment will create 30 domestic employment opportunities.

Wei Liang Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of sheet metal for metal machinery, and its products can be used in automated mechanical equipment, electronic products, woodworking machinery, sports equipment, and furniture. Besides domestic use, its products are also exported to the US, Europe, and Middle East. The company plans to invest NT$60 million to add a fully automated processing production line in its current plant in Dali, Taichung, in order to continue to engage in innovation and R&D, and with the expectation to eventually market its products around the world under its own brand. The new production line will reduce operational risks of personnel, and allow the factory to operate around the clock, increasing process efficiency and product quality. This will allow the company to rapidly response to market demand, and promote Taiwan’s manufacturing capabilities. The investment will create 2 domestic employment opportunities.

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Source: Department of Investment Services, MOEA